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Tory Lanez – “I Told You” (Album Review)

Toronto native Tory Lanez proves that success is the best revenge on his debut album.

If the only viewing platform into the life of Tory Lanez you have is through his social media, then I feel sorry for you.

What you’ll find is an admittedly arrogant rapper/singer doing what every dime-a-dozen rapper/singer does – spout off about the release of their latest project – which of course, they self-describe as genius – and showcase the rotating background of Beverly Hills mansions, downtown Atlanta strip clubs and expensive European sports cars. But in the case of the Canadian born, American raised Tory Lanez, the loud and brash antics of his social media are byproducts of his success story, each picture, video and snap serving as a testament to the climb out of the dark recesses of his former street life. Lanez’ major-label debut album, I Told You, is the embodiment of all the challenges and overcome hardships of his success, because in his mind, he’s finally ‘made it’, or is at least well and truly on his way. Yet, just because an artist has had a Billboard hit or two doesn’t mean their debut albums will be solid, especially in 2016, begging the question – will I Told You just be a radio hit surrounded by kitschy pop numbers or will it serve as the musical timestamp of the progression of Tory Lanez album review career that he’s touting it to be?

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