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PTFE, it’s a great chemical used in a huge range of products. The term would be confusing for it’s own technicality and scientific basis so to sum things up, PTFE is a kind of coating that’s been in widespread for a significant amount of time. It isn’t so complicated to learn about once you have an idea of what you’re getting into so taking it step by step is a wise idea.

As far as the substance and its utility is concerned, let’s take a look at the pots you have in your kitchen. Have you ever had a pot or pan that, once anything has been cooked in it, it takes quite a big of effort to get it come off? Annoyed, you must have driven down to whatever closest market there is that sells those so called “non-sticky” kitchen utilities. All of a sudden, no matter what you’ve had to cook, you have had no problem whatsoever in cleaning the pots later. That’s cause those particular ones are usually contain PTFE coatings for food processing so that when you need to get last nights leftover off your pans, they come off with ease. These coatings are used from the residential area down to industrial fields.

Wires for instance take a lot of effort to keep safe from both humans and wildlife. Thick cabled spanning hundred to thousands of kilometres are left in open air though usually at a height that humans can’t reach. They transport massive electrical currents and if they were properly coated and insulated, they’d pose serious threats to the environment. Dental equipment might make use of similar coating since a lot of it requires to be sterilized and kept for one-time use. Any contamination of those equipment’s before use can cause severe infection.

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