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Routers: Buying a New One

If we were to go back 20 years from now, we probably never thought of just how much the internet would evolve and how much it would become a part of our lives. What started off as a dialup connection over a single computer turned into this phenomenon that our everyday lives revolve around. The creation of Wi-Fi has made all of what we have today possible. A single router is now dealing with multiple devices, smart TVs, temperature and even light control in our homes.

We know how big of a role our Wi-Fi router plays in our lives, so it is understandable to want to invest in a good one. Choosing a good router is more important now than it was before. So, while our ISPs do provide us with routers as a part of our subscription, you should still consider getting a new one for yourself because most of these routers are outdated and have a shorter range.

The global Wi-Fi standard in numbers is represented by 802.11, which is then followed by a few designated alphabets like a, g, b, ac and n. Each of these alphabets describe a different type of model. The latest model is currently the ac which is then followed by the n version. Given how quickly the internet is evolving, it is recommended to opt for the latest model, namely the ac version since the other models and versions will have a slower speed.

When it comes to choosing between single and dual bands, it is recommended to get the best of both worlds by opting for a router which has simultaneous dual bands, so you get both a single and a double band connection. In order to learn more about what makes a good router and which option to choose, you can simply visit bästitest.org/router-tradlos-wifi.

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