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Astronomy or Astrology? They sound similar and to one that doesn’t know of either, they may seem like the same thing. They may have a hand in similar concepts, but they aren’t necessarily the same.  The first part of their name is though, they both start with the word “astro” which came from the Greek. It means star and you’d be right in assuming that both Astronomy and Astrology have something to do with the stars. They are similar in that aspect, but astronomy and astrology are quite different when it comes down to it.

As far as Astronomy is concerned, it has it’s hand in the physical laws that govern these celestial bodies that we know as planets scattered across the universe. Astrology on the other hand believes that the universe and everything in it plays a direct role in our lives which isn’t as scientifically based as Astronomy is. Unless you’re talking to professionals in the field, you’d be unlikely to really offend anyone by confusing the two as most people tend to let it slide. But still knowing the differences as better explained here at http://thatbinocularguy.com/astronomy-vs-astrology/ is a good way to go about things since knowing things yourself is definitely preferable to having someone correct you.

If you’re thinking about getting your own hands into the vastness of space and the beauties that are hidden behind the night sky, it’s time you get yourself a decent telescope. It’s the gateway that will really get you into the door that will take you to the wonders of space. There’s so much to see out there that can’t be see anywhere else in the world. It really is a joy of a lifetime and a satisfying hobby once you get into it and it’s just a night away!

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