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Electric Scooters Just Keep Getting Better And Better

Electric scooters proved to be a very economical and convenient mode of transportation when they first came out but there was one problem – they were too slow. These electric scooters would let you travel from point A to point B without you having to put in too much effort but if you were ever in a hurry, you’d rather just take an ordinary scooter with you so you could at least exceed the speed of 20mph.

Older electric scooters used SLA batteries that were both weaker and heavier than lithium batteries. This made scooter riders a slow moving annoyance to drivers on the street. However, the good news is that all changed thanks to the use of lithium batteries instead. Now scooters are lighter and have better electronics, resulting in a much faster speed. Now scooters can keep up with most of the traffic on the road but they’re still not as fast as a top speed LEV, they just go up to 35 mph, which is enough. Though it’s great that these scooters are finally a viable vehicle to take out on the street, speed shouldn’t be the only thing you look for while buying an electric scooter.

There are many things you should keep in mind when buying your scooter such as the capacity of its battery and the power it’s capable of producing. Asides from this, the suspension is also important – if you want a smooth ride, you’re going to need a good suspension. Some electric scooters come with a removable seat that you may or may not need but these can make folding and keeping your scooter a bit more of a challenge so it’s worth considering whether or not you need such a thing. With a little thought and a few good reviews, you’ll pick out the perfet kind of a scooter.

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