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Considering Island Hopping? What You Need to Know

When you are going to countries like Indonesia or the Philippines, your tour cannot be considered complete unless you have visited some of their Islands because that’s where the real adventure and beauty of their country lies. So, if you happen to be planning a trip to the Philippines and want to visit the islands, but are conflicted about which islands to go to or how you can manage to visit so many at once, then the answer to your problem lies in Island hopping.

If you aren’t familiar with the term, Island hopping refers to going from one island to the other without necessarily docking or setting foot off your boat into the mainland. Now there are a lot of cruises that actually offer Cebu island hopping services, where they will start off at Cebu and then take you other islands depending on your package. Since island hopping doesn’t necessarily require setting foot in the mainland, if you are really keen on getting off on at least one specific island, you need to inform your captain/guide beforehand so that they can see if the schedule can allow it.

Now, some people and you yourself might be considering handling the entire tour and bookings yourself, however we would not recommend that. There is a lot of stress associated with planning and mapping everything out properly, plus, you might end up actually paying more. When you get your bookings done through an agency, they have discounts and affiliations that allow them to get everything done at a better price, and let you relax. While you will have to pay a little extra for the agency’s fee, you will as a result, get a mapped out, already planned tour booked, which is important because if you’re stressed out while you’re on a vacation, then that ruins the entire purpose of going to a vacation in the first place.

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