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What Toe Cap Suits You?

If you work at a dangerous workplace that requires you to be on your feet all the time, it makes a lot of sense to invest in protective footwear. When it comes to choosing your work boots, there are really just two options that you should go for; boots with steel toe caps or boots with composite toe caps.

Traditionally, the steel toes have been every workman’s go to boots for the best protection and they still might offer the highest protection but there are certain shortcomings in steel toe caps that the newer composite ones cover up. Before you can decide which toe cap material works best for you, you should first understand the differences in composite toe and steel toe boots. Here are some things you should ask yourself before buying.

How Often Do You Deal With Metal Detectors?

This should be fairly obvious but if you’re wearing boots with a cap of steel in them, you’ll be setting off metal detectors left and right. If you’re going to be going through these often then you might want to save yourself from the hassle and embarrassment by getting composite toes.

How Badly Can Your Toes Be Crushed?

If you’re going to be handling extremely heavy equipment at work, it makes sense to choose steel toes because of the superior level or protection that they offer. However, if your feet aren’t at the risk of being completely crushed then composite toes can offer you great protection as well.

Does It Get Very Cold at Work?

One thing that metal is very bad at is providing insulation against the cold. If your feet are cold, you’re cold; which is why steel toes are the last thing you’ll want if your workplace is freezing. Get composite boots in this case to stay protected and cosy.

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