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Battling Infertility

When In vitro fertilization processes began, they were used mostly just to help women who might be suffering from some form of tubal disease. Nowadays in the in vitro fertilization process, you can also get pregnant even if you are suffering from any sort of infertility. A lot of people across the globe have begun using the in vitro fertilization process to be able to properly affect the production and conception of a baby.

For many women, infertility is starting to become a problem nowadays 1 in every 100 women conceives a child after having gone through the IVF process. This means that the process itself is becoming a lot easier to access and it is becoming more and more successful. Women over the age of 35, especially, should be on the lookout for signs of early infertility as they are the most likely human to become infertile or have extremely low fertility. Normally it is advised that a person who has had unprotected sex for an year but were not able to conceive, and women who are over the age of 35 should get their fertility checked if they still are not able to conceive after 6 months of trying unprotected sex.

Multiple eggs are extracted from a woman’s body after she starts taking a regimen of medicine that will increase the production of eggs cells that the woman can produce in one day. According to Originelle, this helps the doctors find a proper embryo that is more likely to be a fully grown fetus. The parents have the choice of which embryo they would want to go back to and start using that one to begin a pregnancy. Women have the embryo re-injected and after a small while a test can show the couple if the pregnancy took a solid form.

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